Office Lighting The work plane is of importance in office and home office lighting, and imaginative lighting also sets the tone for the work environment.  .View Project

Bathroom Lighting Bathroom lighting is more complex than ever before, since bathrooms are more spacious and multifunctional than ever before.  View Project

Bedroom Lighting Bedroom lighting needs to strike a balance between an overall atmosphere of quiet relaxation with bright spots for reading and other activities. View Project

Kitchen Lighting A kitchen often needs to multi-task as a food preparation area, a dining area and a homework or school project activity center. Lighting takes into account all the primary and secondary uses. View Project

Hall, Entry and Stairs Lighting Ambient lighting is usually adequate for navigating foyers, staircases and hallways, but adding some accent lighting can lend greater visual interest. View Project

Dining Room Lighting Dining room lighting should be both beautiful and functional, including a mix of ambient, task and accent lighting that invites enjoyment of food and conversation.  View Project

Living Room Lighting Because living room and family room spaces have varied lighting needs for entertaining, watching television, reading, playing games and accenting artwork, three to four layers of lighting should be used.View Project

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Unique Quality Lighting for Your Home!

Additional free services

There are additional benefits to visiting the Eichen’s showroom. You receive the following value added services free of charge:

•Professional inspection of lighting fixtures to ensure that the finished fixtures match what you have ordered and are free of damage or defect

•Professional assembly of table and floor lamps

•Warranty. For any reason if any lighting fixture component stops working within one year of purchase and delivery, we will repair it free of charge—parts and labor included. Compare this warranty with that offered by other lighting sources such as big box stores. They usually require the customer to pack and ship the item back to the manufacturer with a turnaround time that takes anywhere from two to four weeks to complete.

Five Easy Steps to Your Perfect Lighting!

Make a list of lighting fixtures

Make a list of lighting fixtures you need for your home labeled by room and location. Note also areas where lighting does not exist now but would improve navigation and ambiance.

Measure room length, width and ceiling height

Measure the length, width and ceiling height of each room, and note each room’s exposure to natural light, whether daylight comes from the north, south, east or west.

Snap a few digital photos

Snap a few digital photos of each room from various angles. If possible, include photos taken from eye level, photos taken from an elevation such as a stairwell or a raised hearth, and pay special attention to areas that appear dark throughout the day or in certain seasons.

Aim for highest quality of design and manufacture first

Aim for highest quality of design and manufacture first, and make the lighting budget follow. The lighting fixtures you select are likely to remain part of your décor for 10 to 15 years. Choosing carefully will ensure that you and your family will appreciate your lighting solutions for years to come. At Eichen’s Lighting, we recognize that budget constraints almost always influence design choices. Let your Eichen’s Lighting Service Representative assist you with choices that focus greatest design impact in key areas.

Collect your list, measurements, photos, desires and goals

Collect your list, your measurements, your photos, your desires and goals. Bring them with you to the Eichen’s Lighting showroom. See, touch and inspect lighting fixtures from quality sources. Your rep can help you select distinctive lighting solutions that harmonize with your home and its décor, and improve the flow of color and design overall.

About Us

The Eichens family founded Eichen's Lighting in 1957. It started as a small lighting store on San Mateo Avenue in San Bruno. It eventually outgrew its original location and was moved, to its present location 580 El Camino Real, San Bruno CA, in 1964.